Best wishes… and looking back

With the new year just around the corner, I want to send you my very best wishes 🙂

I wish you… a warm festive season as the start of a happy and healthy year with fulfilled hopes and dreams, but above all… enjoying beautiful moments, each and every day.

Friendship, love, reflection, inspiration, creativity… I hope your keywords will also fall into place in 2015!

Just like I look forward to every new year with plenty of resolutions, I also take the time to look back and think about events and happenings of the year that has passed… to be grateful for positive experiences and to learn from less than perfect occurrences.

For now, it’s such a pleasure to think back to …

“Diner Spectacle” in Brussels, organized by Jamila and Nadia (Photo:

The very first gathering for the founding of the Belgian bellydance federation BFOD-FBDO!

With Oraya, Yamila and Nephélé at the International Bellydance Festival in Heerlen (NL)

After teaching a wonderful arms workshop at Zahra’s Week-end de la Danse Orientale in Wavre (BE)

With Khalida and Asiyah during the yearly hafla in Betekom (BE)!

At Layali Dubaï, show with live music organized by Jamila and Nadia, with Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil (Photo: Guillaume Dedeurwaerder)

After the 4-day Dance Intensive Khalida and I organized in Germany!

With some of the awesome ladies at Tarazade belly dance festival in Istanbul: Courtney, Tevec, Rabia, Viviane, Gabi and Lara!

With Khalida from Belgium/Germany and Jamilah from Poland after Hanaa’s hafla! 

After an excellent Bellydance Festival in Nice (FR)! With Nadia Jalal, Sabine Zerbib, Alex Delora and Yassir Jamal!

Backstage selfie with Nephélé during the fantastic Dance4Children show in Brussels

During the last Queenie Day of 2014!

With this I like to conclude my dance year…

and now it’s time for some relaxing 🙂
See you next year!
Queenie wishes you happy holidays!

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