Happy World Belly Dance Day!


Today is World Belly Dance Day!

Each second Saturday of May we celebrate belly dancing – which is not just a sensual dance style, but a true art form.

Dance, music and emotion become one.

The melodic and rhythmic Arabic music is brought to life by the body of a belly dancer in such a way that it actually becomes visible. Along with the interpretation of the emotions – conveyed by the music or the meaning of the lyrics – this carries the dancer and the audience away into a shared exceptional experience.

Belly dancing makes us feel comfortable in our own skin and improves our confidence. Our body awareness grows and we move in a more flexible and elegant way.

Aside from the emotional aspect, a correct dance technique is very important. With proper technique, we can perform the movements in a safe manner with a beautiful posture. This makes the body stronger and often even cures ailments such as back aches!

…. does it show that belly dancing is my passion? 🙂

12 years ago, I took my very first belly dance steps with Samyra. Back then I had no idea how a dance initiation at a summer festival would change my life 🙂

I recently posted about the “Artist Challenge” that went around on Facebook, inviting artists to show their artistic development in the course of five days, by sharing photo’s and video’s.

I chose 5 milestones in my career (see them here), but belly dancing has brought me so many beautiful moments that I could fill multiple weeks with extraordinary memories 🙂

This makes me very grateful, and I am very happy to be able to give this to others by sharing my passion via performances and classes.

I wish you a very happy World Belly Dance Day!
Together we’ll keep this art form alive and kicking!


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