Great dance reads

Sharing some more articles that recently sparked my interest or made me ponder 🙂

The gifts dance brings to our lives
by Sheri Leblanc

Does stretching increase flexibility?
by Tia Ghose

When Lindy Hop isn’t fun anymore (dealing with dance slumps)
by Rebecca Brightly

Struggling with perfectionism? Learn to enjoy dance
by Sheri Leblanc

Being awesome anyway
by Lisa Zahiya

Top artists reveal how to find creative inspiration
interviews by Laura Barnett

What I do when it feels my work is not good enough
by James Clear

And last but definitely not least, this quote by Derek Sivers:
What seems ordinary to you, may be amazing to others.


Cool articles I read in July

Happy reading!

The secret to good dancing
by Asharah

and on the same topic:
Four steps to becoming a great dancer
by Shay

Tips for becoming a more dramatic dancer
by Princess Farhana

Why I’d spend a lot more time practicing scales if I could do it all over again
by Dr Noa Kageyama

Dance perfectionist or high achiever?
by Sheri Leblanc

Signs of common bellydance injuries that you should not ignore
by Hadia

15 amazing dancers share their secrets to developing a personal style
by Sharon Mitzy Sheen