Hello, April!

Hello, April! Ahh, spring. How I love you! Those bright yellow broom flowers, the cheerful daffodils, and among my absolute favorites… the magnolia trees! These days their buds are so eager to burst open into those dreamy blossoms… just a few more days before we can enjoy their full glory over here! I’m a romantic soul at heart 🙂

Those last weeks of winter had a lot in store for me, so it’s lovely to take a short breath over the Easter break.

In February I taught the first Technique Intensive in my studio. A 3 hour class which was quite… intense! I had limited the number of participants to only 9, and it was interesting to work on dance moves and mechanics with just a small group of dancers. Thanks for your dedication, ladies! bellydance technique intensive with Queenie In March, I was happy and honoured to be a guest teacher at Shimmy by the Sea, not one but two glorious bellydance weekends hosted by the fabulous Chloe Dent.

I always love visiting England, and I’m actually getting the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road, which means that my travel companion Khalida felt comfortable enough to take some pictures instead of holding her breath 😉 bellydancers queenie and khalida Of course… getting gas is part of the fun! Although this one was a perfectionist’s challenge to deal with! 🙂 tanken We were lucky to catch the solar eclipse on 20th March! I had already given up on seeing it, being on the road on a grey and cloudy day, but just as I pulled up at the gas station, the clouds opened up just enough in the right place! With a bonus photo bomb, too 🙂 Solar eclipse march 2015 Upon arrival in Battle, there was some time to discover the village. Being there for a bellydance event, this sign made me grin – plump chicken fillets, anyone? 🙂 chickenfillets I love mugs! But I have too many of them already, so I was brave and resisted buying this one – even though it’s Queen(ie)-themed and it has a crown. I love things with crowns! twomugs At the festival, I really enjoyed teaching my workshops. Chloe had picked some of my favorite topics (drumsolo choreography, ‘Queentessence’ about graceful stage presence and ‘Go with the Flow’ with super smooth transitions).

I loved dancing with and for these ladies! The atmosphere at both events was so nice! I seem to be missing some group pictures, will post them when I run into them!

Once again it was a pleasure to travel with my dear friend and favorite roomie Khalida! It had been a while since we’d seen each other, so it took a while before the chatter calmed down 🙂

Another lovely thing about SBTS and its location at Crowhurst Park are the beautiful views and gorgeous sunsets. Each and every time we are treated with lovely skies. sunset1 sunset2

And last but definitely not least.. the last weekend of March brought another Queenie Day! The day started with an hour long practice flow, continued with a 2 hour technique workshop with a focus on the upper body, and ended with a dynamic oriental choreography. 5 hours of dance – we did it!

Queenie Workshop Day

A beautiful end to a quite busy but amazing first trimester of the year! Looking forward to what the coming months have in store! 🙂